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  • Real Estate Spotlight: Kitty Hoynes (301 West Fayette)

    One of the oldest, and most intriguing buildings in our neck of the woods is located on the corner of West Fayette and Franklin Street.  Currently hosting  Kitty Hoynes on the first floor, the historic building has been home to many establishments, most notably as the Crown/McAullife hotel. Built over the course of two decades, the building […]

  • Fighting the “Worst Places” Rap

    Central New York is not without its problems.  In recent media reports, our poverty rates were listed as one of the highest in the nation.  Several outfits have named Central New York and specific CNY cities as the worst places to live in America.  It seems every list is focused on negatives. But we here […]

  • Transformed: Celebrating The Community Build To End Homelessness

    On Wednesday morning the  Syracuse community celebrated the successful renovation of an abandoned home near the Rescue Mission.  In a ribbon cutting ceremony at 142 Granger Street, residents, business leaders and volunteers came together to tour the home that now provides an attractive, affordable living environment for three deserving individuals. The Community Build to End Homelessness as we […]