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who we are




Resilient Corners: Leveraging Technology and Design to Enchance Quality of Life

Resilient Corners is the name we chose for a new housing development project on a corner block in the Near West Side neighborhood of Syracuse because the neighborhood has always been in the state of flux and resiliency. From the early days of manufacturing when feeder canals ran through the district, to today where small houses still dot the lots from the mid 1800’s, much of the neighborhood is … Read More

our blog

  • Value In Programming (Pre-Design Services)

    Architectural Programming is the process than an owner and consultant team takes to plan and prioritize the spaces needed in a structure. Often times the owner will do this part of the planning on their own and give their program to an architect to  begin the design phase. Other times, the scale or use of […]

  • Have you heard of SIPS Panels?

    SIPS Panels(Structurally Insulated Panels) are manufactured sections of walls or roofs that are slowly changing the way light construction is completed. The panels consist of a thick layer of polystyrene, an insulation material, sandwiched between two structural boards. The panel creates a sturdy wall section that can be cut to any dimension either in a […]

  • 9/11 Lessons in Skyscraper Design

    Safety is always a priority with building industry professionals, especially when designing and building high density buildings. Because skyscrapers were built to withstand enormous pressures from natural or unnatural forces, buildings prior to 9/11 were not designed with mass evacuation in mind. Surely evacuations would take place, but not to the extent that every floor […]